Test benches and kits for testing pumps and injectors of the Common Rail system
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MUFI-CR. 8-channel measuring unit for CR injectors, for CR Tester Flagman 5040

MUFI-CR. 8-channel measuring unit for CR injectors, for CR Tester Flagman 5040

The measuring unit is divided into 2 sections designed to measure the flow of test fluid through the injectors in the “flow” and “backflow” lines, respectively. Each section can measure the flow in 4 channels.

All connections for the flow and backflow of test fluid to the elements of the measuring unit are made through teflon tubes (Ø 6mm) using quick-release adapters. At the entrance to each meter is installed a sensor for the temperature of the incoming liquid. This temperature is displayed in the “CASCADE” software.

Set of delivery FLAGMAN-MUFI-CR
Name Amount
Electronic measuring unit FLAGMAN-MUFI-CR 1 pc
Manual 1 pc
Set of cables for MUFI-CR and controller FLAGMAN 1 set
Compatible equipment and accessories
Controller FLAGMAN CRT-5040 1 pc
Vacuum system 1 set
Injection start measurement sensor 1 pc
Software for encoding DT-CODE DELPHI C2i, C3i
Software for encoding DT-CODE BOSCH in development
Software for encoding DT-CODE DENSO in development
Pressure accumulator 1-3 regulators 1 pc
Pressure regulator 1-3 pc 1-3 pc
Pressure sensor 1 pc
Safety valve 1 pc
High pressure gauge 1 pc
Fixing frame with bracket 1 pc

Technical data

Number of simultaneously tested injectors 4
Valve power in the injector measuring block 24 V
Test liquid temperature control on each injector
Number of measuring sensors in injector measuring unit 2
Measuring speed of the measuring unit 0,01 l/min-0,5 l/min
Measurement error (cars) 0,15 mm3 -85 mm3 no more than 1%
Measurement error (trucks) 0,15 mm3 – 400 mm3 no more than 1,5%
Resolution of injector measuring unit ~ 0,1 mm3 /1 cycle (injection)