Оборудование для ремонта форсунок Common-Rail
TOM2 CP-230
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TOM2 CP-230. Grinding machine


TOM2 CP-230 is designed for sharpening rotational bodies (drills, mills, cores, lapping, etc.) with an angle in the range from 82 to 124 degrees. Also the device is intended for sharpening drills, mills, cores, chisels, knives, bits and other cutting and locksmith tools by hand. As a working tool in a sharpening machine, grinding wheels are used.

  • Grinding machine TOM2 CP-230
  • Lamp
  • Magnifying glass
  • Abrasive wheel straightening pencil holder
  • Abrasive wheel straightening pencil
  • The key for tightening the collet chuck

Basic specifics:

The greatest transverse movement – 100mm.
The greatest longitudinal movement – 70mm.
Width of a working surface of a table – 200mm.
Length of a working surface of a table – 90mm.
Power supply: ~220 В±15%;
Engin power – 0,23 kWt.
Dimensions (length x width x height), mm 400х280×260
Weight, kg – 21
Revolutions per minute on the engine: – 2760
Revolutions per minute on the drive shaft: – 200