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MGM-500. Grinding Machine

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MGM-500 machine is designed for grinding of adjustment washers and other elements and rotational bodies when they are fixed with a magnetic plate or clamping vice.

The design of the machine includes:

Baseplate casing, where a gearbox is installed for vertical movement of the column with grinding stone
Direct driven grinding cup electric motor
Powerful magnet for grinding washers
High-precision clamping vice for trim parts
Protective cover
Handle for vertical column movement
Swivel grip
Protective Corrugation
Indicator head in 0.001mm increments
Bracket with cutter for stone dressing mounted on the protective casing

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Name    Quantity
MGM-500 1 pcs.
Power Cable 1 pcs
Washer holder 1 pcs.
Wrench for magnetic plate 1 pcs.
Manual 1 pcs

Name                                                       Quantity
Vertical movement of the column       40 mm
Vise width                                                 50 mm
Vise working stroke                                65 mm
Granularity of stone                               60 gr
Power supply voltage                            220 ±15%;
Motor power                                           0.5 kW
Dimensions of the machine                 310x260x450
Weight of the machine                         43 kg
Speed per minute of electric engine  2800