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GM-08 Surface grinding machine with movable worktable.

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GM-08 Surface grinding machine with movable worktable.
Designed for grinding adjusting shims, nozzle cases and other parts of fuel equipment.


  1.  Motor power 0.37 kW
  2.  Graduation value 1 micron
  3.  Vertical stroke of wheel 35 mm
  4.  Height / length / width 505/370/340 mm
  5.  Supply voltage ~ 220 V ± 15%

Weight 60 kg

Name Amount
Motor power 0,37 kW
Graduation value 1 micron
Vertical stroke of wheel 35 mm
Wheel RPM 5000 RPM
Wheel grid 80 grid
Height/Length/width 505/370/340 mm
Horizontal table movement 110 mm
Working diameter of collet 2-22mm
Supply voltage V ~220 V ±15%
Weight 60 kg