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CR-Test-4E. Test bench for Common-Rail pumps and injectors

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The test bench allows checking the following equipment of the COMMON RAIL system: BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI injectors, (SIEMENS optional), BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS pumps (CP1, CP2, CP3, HP2, HP3, DFP1, DFP3, DFP6, HP3, HP4), regulators and pressure sensors. The operating pressure of the test is up to 1800 bar. At the request of the customer,there is possibility to increase the working pressure to 2200 bar. Test bench is equipped with an electronic measuring system. Test bench includes a software with built-in test plans.

Technical data

Rotation speed 50-3500min-1
Main engine power 11 kW
Number of simultaneously tested injectors 4
Number of simultaneously tested pumps 1
Tank capacity 30 dм3
Power supply 3x400V/230V~ 50Hz
Supply of valves in the measuring unit of injectors 24 V
Pulsing frequency of the injectors opening 60 – 1500 min-1
Pulsing duration of the injectors opening 100 – 3000 mcs
Test fluid temperature control in a range 0-100±1 degr.С
Test fluid temperature control for on each injector
Calibration fluid pressure electronic measurement inside Rail in a range 0 – 1800±5bar
Test fluid pressure setting of the test liquid in a range 0 – 1800±5bar
** System pressure measurement in a range 0 – 2400±5bar
Number of measuring sensors inside the injector measuring unit 2
Measuring speed of injector measuring unit 0,01l/min-0,5 l/min
Measurement tolerance . (cars ) 0,15 mm3-85 mm3 no more 1%
Measurement tolerance (trucks) 0,15 mm3 — 400 mm3 no more 1,5%
Resolution of the measuring unit ~ 0,1 mm3 /1 cycle (injection)
Test fluid temperature control for pumps      (FMDE-500) on each channel
Test fluid temperature control  for flowmeters (FMDE-500) -20 — +90°С
Flow temperature measurement tolerance, no more than (FMDE-500) +/-2°C
Measuring speed range of the pump measuring unit (FMDE-500) 0,1 l/min-8,5l/min
Tolerance of flow measurement 6-500 l/hour    (FMDE-500) no more 1%
Number of measuring sensors in test fluid flowmeter  (FMDE-500 ) 2
 Cooling compressor capacity 800 W
Test fluid supply pump capacity if Р= 0,3МPa 8,5 l/min
Manometer for measuring the supply pressure by a bench feed pump 0÷0,16 МPa
Manometer for measuring the supply pressure of the test pump 0÷0,16 МPa
Vacuum manometer -0,01÷0 МPa
Maximum current 30A
Test fluid heater capacity 1000W
Protective screen polycarbonate 8 mm
Dimensions W 1110,H 1610,D 1210 mm
Total weight netto 870 kg, brutto 915 kg

* installed on the bench   

 ** optional

Test bench CR-Test-4E is produced in the basic version for testing injectors and Common-Rail pumps with an electronic measuring unit.


Set of delivery СR-TEST-4E
*Frame with protective screen DL-RSZ 1 pc
*Built-in PC with keyboard and monitor 1 pc
*Shelf for keyboard 1 pc
*Software 1 pc
*Pump controller СP-Tester 1 pc
*Flowmeter 2-channel CPFM 1 pc
*Shelf for tools 1 pc
*Pump mounting bracket DL-KN125 1 pc
Flange DL-UNI30428 for HPFP 1 pc
Flange DL-UNI30465 for HPFP 1 pc
Flange DL-UNI30464 for HPFP 1 pc
Flange DL-UNI30474 for HPFP MAN 1 pc
Flange DL-UNI30884 for HPFP MAN 1 pc
Flange DL-UNI30886 for HPFP 1 pc
Flange DL-CR30860 fior HPFP 1 pc
Coupling DL-M24  for HPFP 1 pc
Coupling DL-M17  for HPFP 1 pc
Coupling DL-M19  for HPFP 1 pc
Coupling DL-MS11  for HPFP 1 pc
Coupling DL- UNI31025  for HPFP 1 pc
Coupling insert 8 mm for HPFP  Bosch СР1 1 pc
DL-UNI31027 insert 9 mm for HPFP VDO 1 pc
HPFP СP3 for injector testing 1 pc
*Rail №1 for 3 pressure regulator 1 pc
*Rail set 1 pc
*Bracket for rail 2 pc
*Injector holder 1 pc
Bracket for injector holder 1 pc
*Nozzle neck-tip for nozzle  Ø 7 mm 4 pc
Nozzle neck-tip for nozzle   Ø 9 mm 2 pc
*DL-UNI50084 Adapter М14хМ14 mm 2 pc
*Pressure regulator (1800 bar) 3 pc
*Pressure sensor(1800 bar) 1 pc
Safety valve (1800 bar) 1 pc
**Revolution sensor 1 pc
Cable for connecting the pressure regulator HP-3 1 pc
Cable for connecting the pressure regulator LP-2 1 pc
**Cable for connecting the revolution sensor 1 pc
Cable for pressure sebsor 1 pc
*HP lines for Rail 1 and Rail 2 1 pc
HP lines for  CP2 (М14хМ14х600) 2 pc
*HP lines for CP1-CP3 (М14хМ14х400) 1 pc
DL-1CP2304 Hoses 5 pc for HPFP СР1,CP2,СР3 1 pc
DL-2UMS004 Universal hoses 7 pc 1 pc
DL-FMDE064 Hose from rail to Cooler 1 1 pc
DL- FMDE025 Hoses to IN1/IN2 FMDE 2 pc
DL- FMDE045 Hoses  from OUT1/OUT2 FMDE to the tank 2 pcs
DL-KUK0040 Set of fittings for HPFP 1 pc
Fine filter CPFM 2 pc
Cable for universal injectors 1 pc
Cable for Delphi injectors type 1 1 pc
Cable for Delphi injectors type 2 1 pc
Cable for BOSCH injectors type 1 1 pc
Cable for BOSCH injectors type 2 1 pc
Cable for truck injectors type 1 1 pc
Cable for truck injectors type 2 1 pc
High pressure line М14хМ14х600 mm 4 pc
DL-UNI50083 adapter М14хМ12 mm 4 pc
DL-12CRM  Set for backflow 1 set
Set for backflow fittings of Denso 1 set
Door key 4  pc
Legs 4 pc

* installed on the bench 


  • Simultaneous testing of 4 single-type injectors
  • Electronic digital system for measuring cyclic feed rates of injectors and productivity of high-pressure pumps
  • Pulsing frequency of the injectors opening( (60 – 1500 rpm);
  • Pulsing duration of the injectors opening (100 – 3000 μs);
  • Temperature control and temperature stabilization of the calibration fluid in the range 0-100 ± 1 deg.C
  • Control of the operating pressure of the calibration fluid when the pressure is applied to the accumulator (Rail) in the range: 0 – 1800 bar
  • Electronic pressure measurement in the fuel pressure accumulator in the range: 0 – 1800 bar
  • Calibration fluid temperature control on each injector
  • Protective screen made of polycarbonate (h = 10 mm)
  • Dimensions: 1500x1900x1000 mm


Appearance and overall dimensions of the CR-TEST-4E test bench