Оборудване за проверка на Common Rail инжектори
ZECA 470/600B (DL- RP500)
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ZECA 470/600B (DL- RP500). Hand press with mechanical pressure gauge

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Hand press with mechanical pressure gauge. This injector tester is a bench-mounted hand-operated pump. Cracking pressure: working of the nozzles by examining if holes are obstructed and if there is back leakage, and by checking the spray pattern. It can be used to check the tightness of the delivery pipe of the injection pump. It can also be used as a general purpose pressure tester on pipes, tanks, pump castings, etc. where high pressure is required.

Hand press

high pressure tube M14xM14 and M14xM12

The manual press is fixed on a workbench or work table with M8 screws or bolts.

The strainer of the fuel tank guarantees high purity of diesel fuel.

Ручной пресс фиксируется на верстаке или рабочем столе винтами или болтами М8.

Сетчатый фильтр топливного бачка гарантирует высокую чистоту дизельного топлива.