Wyposażenie do testowania wtryskiwaczy Common Rail
DL-04A (AZ0309-04A)
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Adapter for testing truck injectors DL-04A

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Adapter for testing truck injectors BOSCH RENAULT Ø 32mm

  • adapter – 1 шт,
  • injection chamber (9mm) – 1 pc,
  • side fitting – 1 pc,
  • fitting (quick adapter) – 2 pc,
  • screw – 1 pc.

Adapter for checking the truck injectors on the bench or on a hand press with a signal simulator. The fuel supply from the high-pressure pipe is through the side-feed fitting.
It is necessary to install its front part into the injector fuel supply and then tightly screw it to the injector. Do not overtighten and do not pull on the side-feed fitting. Overflow from the injector takes place through the fitting-quick coupler Ø 6mm