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BOSCH PIEZO injector recovery kit

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Комплект для восстановления форсунок BOSCH PIEZO

1. DL-CR50160 Clamp for pressing and crimping the valve core pins of the CR injectors piezo BOSCH

2. DL-CR31199 BOSCH CR piezoelectric valve seat retainer during its restoration

3. DL-CR50169 Adapter for measuring the BOSCH piezo injector valve stroke

4.DL-MPS50173 Laps 15 pcs

a. DL-MPS31220 5pcs (has 2 grooves, working angle 77 degrees)

b. DL-MPS31221 5pcs (has 3 grooves, working angle 127 degrees)

c. DL-MPS31225 5pcs (has 4 grooves, working angle 130 degrees).

5. DL-CR50171 Collet holder for grinding valves of piezo injector Bosch

6. DL-KIP002 Indicator

7. DL-CR31204 Plate N1 for restoration of the CR BOSCH Piezo injector valve

8. DL-CR31205 Plate N2 for restoration of the CR BOSCH Piezo injector valve