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DL-UNI20025 Industrial microscope with monitor, elongated stand and backlight

The microscope has a clear image and high resolution
Technical data:

1. Multiplicity of magnification of the microscope: 8x-130x

2. Working distance: 50-200 mm

3. Connecting to the monitor through the ports: HDMI / VGA

4. The size of the microscope (width x length): 40mm x 115mm

Contents of delivery:

1. DL-UNI20016 Microscope electronic industrial with power supply.

2. DL-UNI20019 Tripod holder for the microscope

3. DL-UNI20018 Diode lamp for the microscope.

4. DL-UNI20021 Monitor

5. DL-UNI20022 Monitor holder with a diameter of 25 mm

ATTENTION! All the equipment included in the delivery is sold also separately!