Repair tools and equipment for Common Rail injectors
DL- UNI 50054
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DL-UNI 50054. Set of keys for tightening the spray nozzle nut of injectors CR

DL-UNI 50054. Set of keys for tightening the nozzle nut of injectors CR

The key set is designed to tighten the nozzle nut of the CR injectors of any manufacturer (BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO, SIEMENS). Includes hexahedrons for 14, 15, 17, 19 mm, octahedrons for 16, 17.5 mm and a key for 27 mm for the torque handle. All keys are made with a collar, which provides a more convenient work.
All keys are sold separately.

DL- UNI 50054 ( with collar for more convenient work)

DL- UNI 30460 Key with inner hexahedron 14 mm
DL- UNI 30461 Key with inner hexahedron 15 mm
DL- UNI 30462 Key with inner hexahedron 17 mm
DL- UNI 30463 Key with inner hexahedron 19 mm
DL- UNI 30459 Key with inner hexahedron 16 mm
DL- UNI 30691 Key with inner octahedron 17,5 mm
DL- UNI30382 Key for the torque handle 27 mm

Tools have undergone thermal treatment and chemical oxidation.