Equipment and tools for repair of Common Rail pumps
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DL-CR50307. Clamp for dismantling the metering valve of the injection pump CR CP3

Clamp for dismantling the metering valve of high-pressure fuel pumps of the Common Rail system type CP3.

In turn, the clamp consists of a body DL-CR31580, a slider DL-CR31582 and a movable axle DL-CR31581. Clamp elements are fixed in the body with special pins. To fix the position of the movable axis relative to the body, a groove and a special oxidized bolt with a groove are provided.

Clamp components can also be purchased separately.

DL-CR31580 clamp body — 1 pc

DL-CR31582 clamp slider — 1 pc

DL-CR31581 clamp axle — 1 pc

Pins – 2 pcs

Groove fixing bolt — 1 pc.