Equipment for testing Common Rail injectors
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DL- CR30479 Pressure accumulator (Rail) for testing pumps and injectors

Rail has threaded holes for:

  • connection to the pressure sensor М24х1,5 (1 hole)
  • connection to the backleak М12х1,5 (1 hole)
  • fluid supply and exit from Rail М14х1,5 (3 holes.)
  • connection to the safety valve М20х1,5
  • pressure relief in the event of excess М12х1,5
  • mounting of manometer М6 (2 blind holes.)
  • mounting of the rail М8 (4 blind holes)
  • pressure accumulator (Rail) – 1 pc,
  • fitting М14х1,5 -3 pc.
  • plug М14х1,5 -3 pc.
  • connection adapter for pressure sensor М14хМ18
  • plug instead of pressure regulator -1 pc,
  • plug instead of safety valve – 1 pc

Attention! Connection to the pressure sensor takes place through the connection adapter М14хМ18