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DL-CR00139. Complete set of equipment of high pressure pump CP3 2400 Bar

The injection pump set DL-CR00139 is used with a working pressure of 2400 Bar and is available on request. Also, when installing DL-CR00139 in the basic equipment set, the sensor and pressure regulator must be replaced by 2400 Bar and 2200 Bar, respectively.

Set of equipment of high pressure pump CP3 2400 Bar
HPFP СР-3 2400 bar DL-CR10139 1 pc
HP line М14 Х 14 X 400 mm for HPFP DL-TVD51414 1 pc
Adapter for mounting the pump on the bracket (diameter 107 mm) DL-UNI30428 1 pc
Coupling for connecting the pump to the drive DL-M24 1 pc
A rubber hose with a diameter of 8 mm for supplying fuel to the pump DL-CR10064 2 m
Fitting (banjo 12 mm + bolt M12 + rubber-met. washers) for injection pump DL-CR10062 2 sets
Clamps 13 mm for rubber hoses F8mm DL-CR10066 4 pcs