Test benches for Common Rail injectors and pumps
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CR-TEST-2P. Test bench for high pressure fuel pumps of Common Rail.

The CR-TEST-2P test bench allows you to perform procedures related to the testing of high-pressure fuel pumps of the Common Rail system of various manufacturers (Bosch, Denso, Delphi, VDO (Siemens)). The design of the test stand CR-TEST-2P and the elements of its equipment meet the requirements of international standards in terms of static and dynamic parameters-ISO 4008/1 and ISO 4008/2.

Technical data

Rotation speed 50-3500min-1
Engine power 11 kW
Tank capacity 30 dm3
Power supply 3x400V/230V~ 50Hz
Test fluid temperature control 0-100±1°С
Test fluid pressure setting 0 – 1800±5bar
Pressure  in rail in a range 0 – 1800 bar
Pump flow measuring speed 0,1l/min-20 l/min
Temperature range for measurement -20  +90°С
Number of sensors in the flowmeter 3
Feed pump capacity 6 l/min
Manometer for measuring supply pressure 0÷0,16 МPa
Manometer after the feed pump 0÷0,16 МPa
Maximum current 30A
Calibration oil heater capacity 1000W
Safety screen polycarbonate 8mm
Dimentions W 1110,H 1610,D 1210 mm
Total weight (netto 780 kg),
(brutto 840 kg)

Set of delivery


*Safety screen DL-RSZ 1 pc.
*PC 1 pc.
*Shelf for keyboard 1 pc.
*Software 1 pc.
* СP-Tester (CPT-2500) 1 pc.
*Controller  (FMDE-1200) 1 pc.
*Shelf for tool 1 pc.
*Pump bracket DL-KN125 1 pc.
Flange DL-NA107 for HPFP 1 pc.
Flange  DL-NA50 for HPFP 1 pc.
Flange DL-NA69 for HPFP 1 pc.
Coupling DL-M24  for HPFP 1 pc.
Coupling DL-M17 for HPFP 1 pc.
Coupling DL-M19 for HPFP 1 pc.
Coupling DL-MS8 for HPFP 1 pc.
Coupling DL-MS9 for HPFP 1 pc.
Coupling DL-MS10S for HPFP 1 pc.
Coupling DL-MS11 for HPFP 1 pc.
*rail for 3 regulators 1 pc.
*Pressure accumulator bracket 1 pc.
*Pressure regulator 1800 bar 3 pc.
*Pressure sensor 1800 bar 1 pc.
**Speed sensor 1 pc.
Pressure regulator cable HP 1 pc.
Pressure regulator cable LP 1 pc.
**Cable for the speed sensor 1 pc.
Pressure sensor cable 1 pc.
HP line for pumps CP2 (М14хМ14х600) 2 pc.
HP line for pumps CP1-CP3 (М14хМ14х400) 1 pc.
DL-1CP3004  set of hoses for СР1-СР3 1 pc.
DL-2CP2005  set of hoses for СР2 1 pc.
DL-FMDE003 Set of hoses 1 pc.
DL-KUK0040 Set of fittings for HPFP 1 pc.
Fine filter 2 pc.
Door key 4 pc.
Legs 4 pc.


* installed on the bench  

     ** optional order 

Scheme of  CR-TEST-2P

  1. Upper box for electrics
    2. Monitor
    3. Front  panel
    4. Schelf for keyboard
    5. Shelf for tools
    6. Lower box for electrics
    7. Front control panel
    8. Feed pump
    9. Fine filter for test fluid  №1
    10. Fine filter for test fluid №2
    12. Main tank fluid
    13. Drain fluid tank
    14. Work zone
    15. Safety frame
    16. Pressure accumulator (Rail)
    17. Controllers unt front panel
    18. Controllers unit
    19. Power panel
    20. Radiator with forced air cooling, two-piece
    21. Back wall
    22. Flange