Repair tools and equipment for Common Rail injectors
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CR-Active. The CR injector valve actuator.

The CR-Active actuator is designed to provide a control signal to the Common Rail injector solenoid valve.Used to measure valve stroke when measuring the magnetic gap of Common Rail electromagnetic injectors.

Actuator «CR-ACTIVE» 1 pc.
Power cable 220V 1 pc.
Main connection cable to electromagnet 1 pc.
Cable for car injectors 1 pc.
Cable for truck injectors 1 pc.
Manual 1 pc.

Main technical data and characteristics

  • Power supply voltage: ~220 V ±15%;
  • Power consumption – up to 150 Wt;
  • Four values of the current level of the control signal;
  • The duration of the control signal is 1.5 s;
  • The number of operations per minute – no more than 12;
  • Short circuit protection;
  • Dimensions of the activator (depth x width x height) mm – 240х230х72;
  • Unit weight: netto  4 kg