Оборудване за проверка на Common Rail помпи
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FMDE-1520. Digital two-channel flowmeter

FMDE-1520. Digital two-channel flowmeter

The device „FMDE-1520“ is designed for testing and checking the performance of diesel high pressure fuel pumps of the Common Rail system.The device has two channels for measuring the flow. The first channel has a two-stage flow measurement to provide a larger measuring range for the fluid flow. In each measuring channel of the strait there is a temperature sensor that measures the temperature of the incoming fluid flow.

Device „FMDE-1520“ 1 pc.
Supply cable 220 V 1 pc.
USB Cable 1 pc.
External filter (50 mc) 2 pc.
Software „DieselTest“ 1 pc.
Manual „FMDE-1520“ 1 pc.

Main technical data and characteristics


Measured flow range:
Channel 1. Sensor 1. 0,1 — 2,5 l/min. 6-150 l/h
Channel 1. Sensor 2. 0,5 — 8,33 l/min. 30-500 l/h
Flow measurement error:
Channel 1. Sensor 1. 3%
Channel 2. Sensor 2. 6-150 l/h no more than: +/- 2l/h
Channel 2. Sensor 2. more than 150 l/h: no more than1%
Repeatability 0,5%
Permissible flow temperature range of the measured flow -20 – +90 °C
Error of flow temperature measurement, not more than +/-2°C
Supply voltage ~220 V  ±15%
Device Weight 6 kg
Dimensions (length x width x height) 365 х 322 х 110
Consumed power, no more than 24 Wt