Оборудване за проверка на Common Rail инжектори
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DL-CR30180. Pressure accumulator (Rail) for testing CP1, CP2, CP3, CP4, Delphi, Denso pumps and CR injectors

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DL-CR30180. Pressure accumulator (Rail)

Rail has holes for:

  • connection of pressure regulator  М24 х1,5,
  • connection of backleak 1 hole М12х1,5,
  • supply and exit of fluid from the rail  2 holes for fittings  М14х1,5,
  • mounting of the rail М8 (2 blind holes)
  • fitting М14х1,5 .
  • Pressure accumulator (Rail) — 1 pc,
  • Fitting М14х1,5 — 2 pcs